Is this Victorian or Bridal?

Pretty little top from Tesco

Tesco, White Lacey Top, Blouse, Petitefashion

This is a size 10 but looking at this picture I think that I should have gone for the next size up.

Well I’ve only been and gone and done it again!  I popped Tesco the other day, and usual I automatically took my detour via their clothing dept and found this pretty little white lacy number.

I do have a few nice pieces from Tesco, as to be honest I seem to go there a few days a week and when I spot something it’s all too easy to pop into my trolley.

Tesco, White Lacey Top, Blouse, Petitefashion

I do like this pretty little top and initially I bought it to wear at work but now I am not so sure as I think it might look a little fancy for work. The more I look at it the more Victorian or even Bridal think it looks so not so sure I’d feel comfortable but thought I’d give it a go.

Tesco call this top ”F&F Dobby Insert Lace Trim Bell Sleeve Blouse which just makes me think of Harry Potter

I bought this in a size 10, they have a similar one in a different fabric with a 70’s retro feel. But for some reason that felt much way too tight and they did not have any larger ones left otherwise I would have bought that one too.


Tesco, White Lacey Top, Blouse, Petitefashion


Tesco, White Lacey Top, Blouse, Petitefashion


Tesco, White Lacey Top, Blouse, Petitefashion

It’s a bit see-through for me so a wore it with a camisole which, I think may have spoiled how it fitted and unless you have flesh coloured one  it may be visible through the fabric.

esco, White Lacey Top, Blouse, Petitefashion

There’s some lovely detail on sleeves too.

It’s a lovely top and for £16 it’s quite a bargain. Although I haven’t not washed it yet and I am I little worried that it may go a little grey. My washing skills are pretty poor and no matter what I do, eventually white stuff always goes a little grey and then I cannot wear it… It’s just one of my many quirks.

So ladies what do you think? Is this a little bit victorian or bridal?

Byefor now


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PS. I feel I should explain my absence from A little va va voom… I only wish I had an amazing story to tell you all about an adventure that prevented me from posting blogs on here. – But no! It’s just that this blogging is far more time consuming than I ever imagined… I know there are plenty of fulltime workers like me that have a blog and they all find the time to write frequent posts and I applauded you all.  What I am trying to say is I have no excuse, I do actually love writing and will endeavour to become a regular blogger. xxx


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