A Petite Delay

You know what they say, ‘Better late than never..!’

I know it’s been a while since I last posted something on this petite fashion blog, for which I can only apologise.

Working full time leaves me with very little free time and as for the dark nights, well,  they have turned me into a hibernating mouse. All this makes for minimal photographic opportunities. I mean, look at it now, it’s all rainy. So I thought I would try the selfie route. Oh dear, oh dear… So please excuse these photos, as they are not up to the usual standards (from the awarding winning @PhoebeWedding of  www.soyouregettingmarried.com  – she’s a marvel with the camera) – but please also appreciate my efforts of setting the self timer and dashing across the room, minding not to knock the tripod and bedside little lamps which were doubling up as studio lightening, before the shutter clicks.. Sheesh – it was quite an ordeal, which is why I am asking Santa for some professional modelling lights…

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