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A correctly fitted bra ads more than a little va va voom!

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I have wondered about adding this feature for a while now and have um’d and ah’d about how I can write a post about bras. I know it’s a petite fashion blog and should cover all things petite, but I’m not going to talk about petite boobs, as size doesn’t matter… I hope anyway!

I believe they say that a large proportion of women don’t wear the correct bra size. Apparently, this can lead not only to feeling uncomfortable, unsightly bulges, side boobs with an unflattering silhouette, the four boob look or ”quads” as I have heard them referred to, but, in severe cases, to back ache and other health issues.

The other day, at the hair dresser’s, we were talking about customer service and her experience at Bravissimo and how she felt that their bras are best for her. Now, as you know, I am only a small girl and have always thought that Bravissimo was for girls who were ahead of me in the… erm – ‘boob queue’ – so I never ventued in.

You’d never buy a pair of shoes without trying them on!

Now I have been measured before, at M&S, but I have always felt rushed.  It’s a bit of a squish in the fitting rooms as they are always packed with people trying stuff on other than bras and the staff are over-worked. So usually I just find my size and go to the till without trying it on. Whereas in Bravissimo, it’s calm, there’s plenty of knowledgeable staff, who encourage you to try bras on, they’re happy to spend as long as it takes to find the right bra for you and the occasion plus there’s ample room in the fitting rooms. I must say that the lady who helped me was amazing. She was discreet, respectful – after all she does have to fit you into your bra – patient and pleasant (what more do you want?) I know it sounds wrong but I enjoyed my bra fitting experience – simply because she made me feel comfortable in what some people may find an awkward situation. She delivered remarkable customer service from the moment I arrived – trust me! I had been to a few shops that day and my experiences varied considerably – nothing was too much trouble, she kept on re-appearing with different styles until I found the perfect bra, stating ‘You’d never buy a pair of shoes without trying them on!’

The legacy of Trinny and Suzanna

I am sure you remember Trinny and Susanna and latterly Gok, who harped on and on about the importance of a good bra and magic knickers . To be fair they’re not wrong, as there’s nothing worse than the aforementioned ‘quads’ and a muffin top! All of which can be resolved, what ever your size, if we only wear the correct underwear!



Who Knew? – Not me!

My main concern with bras is the shoulder straps don’t seem to shorten enough for my petite frame. It’s as though they are just too long from day one, never designed to be as short as I need them to be. They always slip off my shoulders and hang down below my T-shirt sleeve and if I do make them as short as possible the under the under wire pokes my armpits… Ouch! – …Turns out, I have only been wearing my bra incorrectly – who knew! And for all these years too – seemingly, I have been wearing them too high up my back, making the strap longer.  I am not sure I am explaining this very well , as it’s hard for me to explain, and I am not about to show you what I mean. I think it would be best left to the experts. So, check out their web site, or better still, visit a store yourself.  I know their underwear isn’t exactly cheap, especially now, as you can get two bras for £18 or less in Tesco, of all places! – But saying this, they are not wildly expensive, they’re beautiful and can make a huge difference to how your clothes fit and ultimately how you look and feel.  Alternatively, I would recommend that you take a rummage in your underwear drawers (heehee) and consider altering your straps so they all fit you better.


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I hope this is useful, or at least encourages you to visit a store that offers a bra fitting service.


Bye for now

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Oh and P.S.

Bravissimo also have great aftercare tips for your purchases too 



    • Hi Maria, I know just what you mean.I was shocked too.But must say they’re right,it sure makes a difference when you have the correct size..

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