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Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation

I have never been one for make-up, mainly as I struggle with putting it on and I have never liked the feeling of foundation on my skin as, to me, it feels all blocked and suffocated. But now, as the years are just beginning to take their toll and I am standing in front of the camera far more frequently than ever before, showcasing my petite finds, I have realised that I really need to learn how to put the stuff on!  I am sure most of you spent your teenage years experiencing with colours, techniques and brands, probably settled for your favourites years ago and have a palate of lipsticks to choose from. Most of all, apart from struggling with the initial application, I inevitability I forget to reapply it throughout the day. More often than not I forget to bring anything with me, so re-application is not possible anyway.

On a recent visit to Liverpool, I was in Marks & Spencer, killing time waiting for my train, I noticed that they’re selling a brand of make-up called Stila, I have used it before, as an neighbour of mine, who used to work for Space NK, encouraged me to try it, which I did and she even got my Mum my to buy some too. We both bought it again once or twice more, but for some reason stopped buying it.

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Anyway, I find myself returning to Stila’s Illuminating liquid foundation. Despite my dislike of foundation I had forgotten how much I love it, as it is light on my skin and does not make my skin feel suffocated. I hated it if my pores looked all filled in and blocked, like a bad Polyfilla job. This Stila Illuminating liquid foundation does exactly what it says on the tin.  My skin looks fresh and glowing, Illuminated in fact, without looking shiny. It’s comfortable to wear and lasts all day.

As I was there, in the make-up bit of M&S,  I also asked the assistant about a concealer – she recommended this edible-looking product.

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… And in the interest of health and safely, please DO NOT EAT IT!!!  Skin Tone Correcting & Brightening  Serum. She explained what the different coloured  creams did  so here goes.

Stila describes this product as:

‘An innovative, triple-swirled helix serum which instantly colour-corrects, brightens and covers over your skin’s imperfections. Blimey this stuff must work miracles!

So in theory this product is a primer and creates a base for your foundation, colour-correcting  your complexion and is designed to brighten your skin tone and has anti-ageing properties too…

Here’s a little explanation of the colours and swirls

All this in one tiny bottle.. Amazing!

  • The green is meant to reduce any redness by neutralising it – apparently
  • The lavender should give you an energised look. Hmm – We all fall for the spiel now and again
  • The peachy cream helps reduce sun spots – which I have started to develop
  • The clear liquid that these 3 creams are suspended in, I think help bled them all together
  • Oh and M& S feel the need to state that this product is suitable for vegetarians  – but remember as appetising as it looks...DO NOT EAT IT!!!

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Now the question is, does it do all or any of the above, well in truth, I am not so sure, but it’s fun to use and makes applying my new foundation easy.

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