Petite Mistake

No, make that a ginormous mistake

Although it’s partly my fault for not paying too much attention to what I was buying, nonetheless I did not expect it to be so wrong… So I think that this post is a lesson learnt.

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In my quest to find great petite clothes that are fashionable, funky and affordable, I thought I’d try an alternative option – Amazon.  I have, albeit only once before, bought clothes from Amazon and at the time I was satisfied with my purchase. So I had no qualms ordering for a second time. They seem to have quite a few sellers who specialise in oriental sizing so I hoped that they’d be a great alternative for a petite shopper…

Here’s what I thought I was buying, cute isn’t?  So cute that I also bought a black one with white trim.


 Oh God! I don’t know where to begin with how utterly disappointed I am with my latest purchase.

It’s shocking it looks like a lab coat

Firstly, it took ages for them to arrive; only 2 out of 3 items from my order came and one of those is not exactly what I ordered – which in itself was annoying!  The look and feel of the fabric of the blazer is quite good, however some of the stitching is not that great as the seams are all crooked, so they pucker up and sit awkwardly – plus there is a fault with the black one.

All in all these blazers are shocking.

A Little Va Va Voom, Petite, Petite Fashion, Petite Fashion Blogger, Petite Fashion review, Petite Clothes, Petite Jacket, Petite Blazer

They arrived all crumpled and creased which I was OK with as it arrived through the post and not a delivery service. I simply hung them over the backs of my dining chairs and the creases dropped out in no time.

To be honest, my expectations were not high to begin with as these jackets where £7.99 each but I did expect them to fit the description which, again, said ‘slim fit’ and gave the following measurements, which in hindsight I should have taken note of, but I had a picture to go by, so why would I! Here’s the measurements the website gave:

UK Size S: Shoulder 36cm (14.17″) – Bust 82cm (32.28″) – Waist 74cm(29.13″) – Total Length 53cm (20.86″) – Outside Sleeve 56cm (22.04″).

Although they do not claim to be selling a petite jacket it is described as ‘slim fit’  –  (I reiterate) – and I had seen a picture of someone wearing it.  I felt confident that the small would be the best option allowing me to wear something under it, as it’s a jacket after all!

The measurements are pretty true but the jackets drown me and sits awkwardly. I look like I am playing dressing up!

Here goes… Don’t laugh!


The fit is nothing like the one shown on the lovely model online. I am sure that it breaks the trade description act! 

I have contacted the Amazon seller as, obviously, they are both going back, to ask about returning the blazers and getting a refund. This is their response, it made me laugh-

Thanks for your mail, we are here to help u sort it out and will responsible for it if any problem.

Sorry about that the jacket does not meet your satisfaction could u pls. kindly take us a picture about the trim for reference? Before returning it back to us, may we  ask that is there any chance to send it to others as a present? If possible, we     prefer to offer a good discount

Just one kind of suggestion, pls. no offense.

Waiting for your reply.

Can you believe they asked  ”Is  any chance to send it to others as a gift?”.. Hilarious! – No offense!  Haha still laughing now.

They have, after several emails, agreed to a full refund, but I am not holding my breath, plus I still have had to to pay for the postage,which was more than the cost of one of the blazers… totally and utterly  put off buying stuff online from companies I am unfamiliar with… Still waiting for the  dress! Fingers crossed I’ll be telling you about it on here soon.

Bye for now


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