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A Little Va Va Voom, Petite Fashion Blog, Petite Fashion, Ankle Boots, Tesco

It’s that time of year – you know, when you say to yourself  ”Really, Boots! On no, not just yet.” Mainly because this choice of footwear seems to seal the door on any hope of an Indian Summer. I love September – OK so it’s my birthday month, and October as I think they’re pretty months. All the leaves changing colour and the low sun seems to give a lovely golden light… sorry, gone all girly. buy clomid and metformin online

order metformin online canada

Supermarket finds

Tesco, FandF, F&F, Petite, A little va va voom, petite

My co-star in this post is Atticus, the Miniature Schnauzer and belongs to Phoebe, friend, neighbour, my photographer and fellow blogger… isn’t he cute. x

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