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Easy Homemade Crumpets

How to make traditional homemade crumpets, crumpets, butter, Easy Homemade Crumpets

There’s nothing quite like light fluffy melt-in-your-mouth homemade crumpets. They’re much tastier than those rubbery shop bought ones. It’s true, they’ll take you a little longer to make but, trust me, once you’ve made these comforting crumpets, you won’t be toasting anything else. apo metformin buy

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Wellie Boots

A Little Va Va Voom, Petite Fashion Blog, Petite Fashion, Ankle Boots, Tesco

It’s that time of year – you know, when you say to yourself  ”Really, Boots! On no, not just yet.” Mainly because this choice of footwear seems to seal the door on any hope of an Indian Summer. I love September – OK so it’s my birthday month, and October as I think they’re pretty months. All the leaves changing colour and the low sun seems to give a lovely golden light… sorry, gone all girly. best place to buy metformin

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Here’s a great autumnal petite coat

A little Va Va voom, Petite Fashion Blog, Petite Fashion, Petite Coat, Zara Coat, Duster Jacket

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Miss Selfridge’s Petite Denim Dress

This is a lovely little find from a recent trip to Manchester’s Trafford Centre

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Now, although you’ll always find me in my jeans, I do love a dress. And well Yey! This comfy petite number combines both denim and dress… a great Combo
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I love the colour of this petite jacket

Okay, okay, so it’s the height of summer, and here’s me in a bloomin’ rain coat, but at least it’s a bright one, unlike the dreary June weather when these photos were taken. But then again, it’s ideal weather really to show you one of my latest petite purchases.

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‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ – So the song goes

For petites, obviously,  it’s the leg length that’s our first consideration before we can even think about the style or colour of our jeans. Buying a regular length jean and turning them up may not be a great solution, as it changes the whole cut.  Often they are pre-faded, to flatter a longer leg, making them less flattering once turned up on we petites, as the pre-worn knees actually fall at our shins!

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The Cheltenham Festival, not a petite event!

Ooh! How exciting, my first assignment as a petite fashion blogger, as I’ve just had a phone call from the ladies at metformin mail orderand they’ve invited me to write a post for can you purchase metformin over the counter, about my perfect Cheltenham Festival Ladies Day outfit.


So petite shoppers, here goes:

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