Jolly Petite Jacket

I love the colour of this petite jacket

Okay, okay, so it’s the height of summer, and here’s me in a bloomin’ rain coat, but at least it’s a bright one, unlike the dreary June weather when these photos were taken. But then again, it’s ideal weather really to show you one of my latest petite purchases.

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Petite Jeans

‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ – So the song goes

For petites, obviously,  it’s the leg length that’s our first consideration before we can even think about the style or colour of our jeans. Buying a regular length jean and turning them up may not be a great solution, as it changes the whole cut.  Often they are pre-faded, to flatter a longer leg, making them less flattering once turned up on we petites, as the pre-worn knees actually fall at our shins!

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Shopping for your ‘unmentionables’

A correctly fitted bra ads more than a little va va voom!

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I have wondered about adding this feature for a while now and have um’d and ah’d about how I can write a post about bras. I know it’s a petite fashion blog and should cover all things petite, but I’m not going to talk about petite boobs, as size doesn’t matter… I hope anyway!

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A Petite Delay

You know what they say, ‘Better late than never..!’

I know it’s been a while since I last posted something on this petite fashion blog, for which I can only apologise.

Working full time leaves me with very little free time and as for the dark nights, well,  they have turned me into a hibernating mouse. All this makes for minimal photographic opportunities. I mean, look at it now, it’s all rainy. So I thought I would try the selfie route. Oh dear, oh dear… So please excuse these photos, as they are not up to the usual standards (from the awarding winning @PhoebeWedding of  – she’s a marvel with the camera) – but please also appreciate my efforts of setting the self timer and dashing across the room, minding not to knock the tripod and bedside little lamps which were doubling up as studio lightening, before the shutter clicks.. Sheesh – it was quite an ordeal, which is why I am asking Santa for some professional modelling lights…

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Must be time for a new wardrobe!

This petite blogger has gone and landed themselves a lovely new job… Must be time for new wardrobe


Whoop Whoop! I have been lucky enough to land myself a new job, this time in an office, so no more working from home in my PJ’s and tea breaks in the garden with neighbours. Even though it’s only a temporary job, I felt that it’s the perfect opportunity to treat myself to a new dress from the Asos petite range. As usual it did not take me long to find a few great petite dresses, but I fell in love with this really cute knitted dress, with a little white ruffle, which makes the dress fun and cheers up an otherwise dark dress. What’s more it was in the sale – a real bargain at £9 plus, as usual the dress was delivered to my door free of charge. Now, you can’t say fairer than that!

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Oasis Tea Dress

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So here goes, my first petite fashion post

Oasis Tea Dress. Love it, Love it. Love it!!

You’ll have to bear with me for a while till I get to grips with the world of blogging, photography and styling as it is all new to me.  Not quite sure why I am standing in the woods for this one… seemed like a good idea at the time – but I realise now how inappropriate it looks with the heels n’ all, but I am sure you get the gist… Also, note to self, need a little colour on my legs…

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