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Quelle surprise!

Balsamik, French Chic, A Little Va Va Voom

Ever heard of Balsamik? And before you point fingers, I’ve not misspelled that sweet sticky vinegar all the chefs go on about. Go on – say it again, but this time in a French accent – Bal-sameeq.. there, now have you heard of them ?-  Nope! Me neither. Ha!

Well, you know what?  I think it’s about time we all did. Coz, put simply, quelle suprise, as they are ‘très fantastique’.


I was privileged enough to be invited to the launch of their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Set in the beautiful French restaurant, 63 Degrees, in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Now, sorry,  I have just told you a little fib… I had heard of Balsamik before, but had forgotten about them. I think this was because their clothes did not inspire, they lacked a little va va voom. I thought they were more BHS or Littlewoods, than French chic!

”Listen very carefully I shall say this only once”… Sorry, that’s another fib, as I intend to shout about them quite a bit from now on.

Balsamik’s whole AW15 collection blew me away! It was hard for me to find anything I disliked. The price point of their stuff is really good too and I would say it’s on a par with most of the mid-range high street stores you all know. However, it’s unfortunate that their website does not convey the true look and feel of their range.

I just hope I can convince you that Balsamik truly has LE GRAND VA VA VOOM, and heaps of French chic.  I just loved it – they have a convert in me.

Balsamik, French Fashion, A little va va voom Petite, Petite Dress

I tried most of the garments on, everything they brought with them seemed a perfect fit for me, as a petite, as well as all the other girls there. This is the lovey L’Oréal Blackett from Manchester Confidential and me…

Balsamik AW15 A little va va voom,Balsamik, French Fashion, Petite, Petite Dress

To be fair, she had very big hair, or maybe I am more petite than I think but I don’t remember the height difference being so great.

Balsamik AW15 A little va va voom,Balsamik, French Fashion, Petite, Petite Dress

As you can see we both tried on the same black coat, and it fitted both of us, resulting in a slightly different look, but it worked. Well, kind of! The thing about this coat is I couldn’t stop touching it. It felt luxurious, soft and cosy, like a winter coat should be. It has no collar, something I don’t usually like but looked great with this scarf.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces the team from Balsamik brought along with them

This can be worn as a poncho or a cape

Balsamik AW15 A little va va voom,Balsamik, French Fashion, Petite, Petite Dress

I love these statement shoes, they’re furry to touch

Balsamik AW15 A little va va voom,Balsamik, French Fashion, Petite, Petite Dress

Balsamik are more than just a fashion label as they offer so much more by catering for all their customers needs.

Balsamik have made shopping for your dress size and shape a breeze, as almost all of their ready-to-wear range is available in sizes 10 to 20 and 85% is available up to a size 26. You can also get some trousers that push-up your behind and some that come in different calf widths too… But no petite! Hmmm.  Having said that their size 10 was a good fit for me but I did not try on any trousers so I was unable to note the length. Maybe next time.

Now, I know that they say the key to looking great is to choose the right style for your shape and this seems to be what Balamik’s speciality is…

You see, they have this great guide to help you choose the right style for your shape with their Shapelogic style and fit guide.   Real advice for real women ensuring that you feel confident it what you wear. Just look for the ‘K’ logoBalsamik AW15 A little va va voom,Balsamik, French Fashion, Petite, Petite Dress


Not convinced! Here’s a glimpse into their Look Book, which for me really reveals their true style as it’s so different to the image and feel you get for the website

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Just so you  know, the prices on their website look a little strange as they’re an exact conversion from Euros.

Take a look at Balsamik’s website and take me at my word when I say that their Aw15 collection is full of French chic.

Still not convinced? Then click here to see the making of their catalogue where you can see the collection more clearly.

My only negative comment is that although they cater for many shapes and sizes, we petites have been forgotten, which is a shame. Or if you’re visiting this post several months from the original posting date then the link may not work due to the Balsamik’s web site changing if that’s the case then please visit there site.

À bientôt

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